ColdFusion 11 Mobile Features Hands On - Day 1

This two hour session will give attendees a hands on introduction into the mobile features of ColdFusion 11. Using their own equipment attendees will go through the mobile development process and have a working application at the end of the session.

This session will cover the basics of setting up a mobile project. Attendees will learn to use some of the available mobile APIs that are available. Using multiple forms of local data storage will also be covered. We will also go over remote debugging using Weinre and line debugging.

Note: It is not necessary to attend the Day 1 session to attend the Day 2 session and vice versa. Both sessions will cover different material but the Day 1 session will explain project setup in more detail.

Topics Covered:

  • Project Setup
  • Contacts API
  • Local Storage Database
  • Weinre and Testing

This session will be presented by Dave Ferguson and Simon Free jointly.

October 16, 2014

10:15 am - 12:30 pm
2 hours 15 minutes
Bristlecone 7
Senior Application Developer
Giva Inc
ACP, ACI and Senior Application Developer
Logistical Athletic Solutions