Patrick Quinn

Co-Founder, President & CTO
Webapper Services, LLC

Patrick began his technology career in 1997, first by building and supporting computer networks and working with related technologies, and soon after moving into developing software. His career took a quantum leap forward in 2000 when he was hired, through a global recruiting search, as a consultant for Allaire Corporation (acquired by Macromedia, Inc. in 2001), a world leader in Web application technologies. At Allaire/Macromedia, Patrick served as a technical consultant on some of world's largest Web applications at leading companies such as Bridgestone-Firestone, Clear Channel Communications, Cable & Wireless, Intuit and The United States Postal Service, among others. Upon leaving Macromedia in 2001, Patrick embarked upon forming his own software company, starting as an independent consultant for companies such as Napster and ProductionPoint Global Network, and later partnering with Mike Brunt (the "cfwhisperer"), another former Allaire/Macromedia consultant, to form Webapper Services, LLC. As the owner and CTO of Webapper, Patrick leads his company in specializing in all aspects of Web application engineering, from application development to TNT (tuning and troubleshooting), infrastructure, launch and database services, and also including business strategies for the Web. Webapper has provided Web application expertise to premiere clients such as Ernst & Young, Sempra Energy, NASA, Visa, Cornell University, Cengage Learning and the U.S. Federal Government, along with hundreds of other companies and organizations around the world. The Webapper team also created the popular SeeFusion product for ColdFusion server monitoring and troubleshooting, and Webapper's flagship offering is ColdFusion performance engineering expertise. In 2013, Webapper formally began applying that expertise to building high-performance infrastructures in the Amazon Web Services cloud.